Anemonopsis macrophylla might be the most radiant plant of the season

Season endings are always poignant, though we are lucky in gardens today. This is the time of effulgence: in foliage, brilliant light and new sightings. The most effulgent plant of all might be Anemonopsis macrophylla. The little bloom looks like an anemone, thus the more common name false anemone, but it is even more delicate and radiates a purity of tone and spirit up against all the riots of colour elsewhere. read more

Truly terrific trees: Modest maples, giant cherries, feathery willows – take your pick 

  • Midwinter is the time for planting trees
  • There’s time for careful planning and planting
  • It’s important to think it through because trees can make a garden 

Midwinter is the season for planting trees. Other jobs are at a low ebb, so there’s plenty of time for both planting and careful planning. That’s important because well-placed trees can become pivotal design features but, in the wrong position, they’re little more than a nuisance. read more

Peaches, rhubarb and silver birch trees: Nigel Colborn’s essential jobs for your garden this week

  • Wall-grown peach and nectarine trees need to be protected from leaf curl
  • This is a fungus which causes them to distort
  • Prevent it by keeping rain off your trees in winter and spring 

Wall-grown peach and nectarine trees need to be protected from leaf curl, a disfiguring fungal disease. It’s caused by the Taphrina deformans fungus, which is carried in rain and causes severe distortion to leaves as they develop. read more

Winter warriors! Beautiful, trusty and remarkably hardy – all hail the snowdrop 

  • Snowdrops are beginning to flower now
  • Order them now as growing plants to flower next winter
  • Healthy plants should be divided every few years to build up numbers 

What joy to see snowdrops in full bloom, dancing in the winter wind. Unlike daffodils tricked into opening by freakish temperatures, snowdrops are meant to flower now. And when you see them in full fettle, you know spring isn’t too far away. read more

Recipe: Pasta with peppers and peas

Recipe: Pasta with peppers and peas – Serves 2 


Calorie controlled cooking spray

1 red pepper

11g pasta

65g frozen peas

1 egg beaten

25g vegetarian hard cheese

Heat the oven to gas mark 7/220ºC/fan 200ºC. Line a small roasting tray with baking parchment and mist with calorie controlled cooking spray and roast 1 sliced red pepper for 15–20 minutes or until softened and charred. read more

The luminous quality of this flower makes it a standout shade plant

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Aconitum fischeri ‘Monkshood’

The last plants to bloom in autumn are incredibly precious. In my garden, the brooding monkshood is the most mysterious of all the perennials. It arrives late, it stays until the weather gets unbearably cold, and then I forget about it until well into the following year when I wonder, “Where’s that darn plant?” read more