Triumph of the tulips: They’re in bloom now

  • Nigel Colborn’s tulips are looking great this spring
  • The flowers will pop up year after year if they’re healthy
  • They’re easy to grow  – all you need to do is pick the variety you want 

Our tulips are looking fan-blooming-tastic. I shouldn’t boast, but they do. The colours work well together and, thanks to the chilly spring, they’re lasting remarkably well. The first opened in March, but there are late varieties still in bud. read more

Nigel Colborn’s jobs for your garden from dead heading daffodils and spraying roses

  • Pick the dead flowers off daffodils so they perform well next year
  • This helps prevents seedheads from maturing
  • Never cut back the leaves while they’re still green 

Want daffodils to perform well next year? Then pick off the dead flowers.

That prevents seedheads from maturing and channels nutrients down into the bulbs for storage. read more

Rain gardens transform flooded backyards into green landscapes

When retiree Karen Ho purchased her new build in Milton, Ont., she didn’t realize the surrounding homes were on a slightly higher elevation; the first good rainfall was a real eye-opener. The compact suburban plot flooded, and when neighbours began landscaping – levelling and laying sod – it only made matters worse. The runoff from about 10 homes kept landing in her backyard, rendering it unusable. read more